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I was the sole designer and developer for these sites. Most of them are outfitted with custom content-management controls.
Nautical Charts
Online Retail Site
South Florida Therapy Services
Advertising Site for Psychiatrist

Jobs site for medical jobs

Online Jobs
Jobs site for all jobs
Vanishing Species Wildlife
Non-profit Wildlife Sanctuary
Go Scout Inc.
Location Scouting Company
Universal Gadgets
Online Retailer
Archive of Misheard Music Lyrics

Never Forgotten Treasures
Photo DVD Service

Online Pet Supply Retailer

Disciple Dogs
Dog Training Service

Complete Nutrition Facts
Food Nutritional Info

VIP Mail Scout
Email Forwarding Service
I collaborated with an artist and/or developer on the following sites:
The following sites are out of business due to the current economy or retirement, or never went live due to circumstances beyond my control (on the client's side).
americas favorite pets
New Tampa


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